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Engage the world with a degree in Anthropology!

Today’s anthropologists do not just work in far away locations; they can be found doing cool things in many fields and careers: in corporations doing market research, in government doing forensics or international development, in non-profit organizations working on local education initiatives or working on global environmental issues.

What do anthropologists do?

The short answer is: all kinds of things. Here are some areas that our faculty work in.

Environmental Anthropology

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Anthropology + Migration

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Museum Studies

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What skills can you gain from anthropology coursework?

Oral Communication

Strong oral communication skills are key to the day-to-day interactions that you will have throughout your work life. Taking courses with us improves these in all languages, not just the one we teach you.

Critical Thinking

In our courses, students analyze complex global issues leading to improved critical thinking skills and a better & more just world.

Cross-cultural Communication

True and meaningful exchange requires much more than good grammar and solid syntax. We teach you how to navigate the cultural differences – which along with linguistic proficiency – will make you a true global citizen.