Engage the world with a degree in Anthropology!

Today’s anthropologists do not just work in far away locations; they can be found doing cool things in many fields and careers: in corporations doing market research, in government doing forensics or international development, in non-profit organizations working on local education initiatives or working on global environmental issues. Anywhere people are engaging with other people, you’re likely to find an anthropologist. Who will you engage?

What do anthropologists do?

The short answer is: all kinds of things. Here are some areas that our faculty work in.

Environmental Anthropology

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Anthropology + Migration

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Museum Studies

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Our Department

At first glance, Anthropology under a World Languages and Cultures umbrella might seem a bit…unconventional. If you look again, you’ll see that Cultures are what bring us and the rest of the world together. Anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures and their development. What better fit than a department that allows for cross-cultural exploration, interdepartmental collaboration, and a plethora of international connections?

Following the merger of these two departments in 2016, course offerings have risen, our graduate program is growing and expanding in new ways, and we’re able to offer experiences (field research, internships, reasearch opportunities) like never before.

Meet the faculty and staff who keep things running smoothly here.