Program Outcomes

The BA, BS and MA degrees in Anthropology provide students at ISU with broad training in the core theoretical and methodological approaches to the discipline, providing a comprehensive foundation for further study in anthropology or for work outside of academia.


Students graduating with a BA or BS degree in Anthropology receive broad training in scientific and humanistic approaches to complex global issues. Our undergraduate curriculum stresses holistic, multi-disciplinary analysis and real-world problem solving through empirical research.

Students graduating from the undergraduate program will be able to:

1. Articulate the importance of anthropological approaches for understanding and appreciating human biological and cultural diversity around the world and through time.

2. Articulate an understanding of fundamental theoretical approaches to cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological archaeology, including the history of these approaches.

3. Use fundamental qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological archaeology to address contemporary problems in a range of settings.


Students earning an MA in Anthropology receive advanced training in the theories and methods of the discipline. They are able to use these tools to carry out independent research projects and to communicate the findings of such projects to academic and professional audiences.

Students graduating from the graduate program will be able to:

1.  Demonstrate mastery of the theoretical foundations of cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and anthropological archaeology.

2. Demonstrate mastery of advanced methods in one of the three subdisciplines and the ability to apply these methods to an individual research project.

3. Demonstrate the ability to design and implement an independent thesis research project.

4. Demonstrate effective communication through the presentation and reporting of the results of a thesis research project.